Aftermath, published by Ghost Orchid Press

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This anthology was all about the horrors lurking beneath the surface, so I started at the opposite: on a mountain. And who can resist a Lovecraftian nightmare arising?

Some kids had read the Cthulhu mythos and climbed the local mountain, at full moon, to summon an Old One.

Book Details

Beneath Horror anthologyStory: 'Aftermath''
Publication Title: Beneath: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Ghost Orchid Press
Publication Date: 28th April 2021

Cave-dwellers. Grave-dwellers. Crypts, catacombs, nuclear bunkers. This volume of one-hundred-word stories will explore the horrors that lie beneath. From monsters lurking below the Earth’s crust to subconscious nightmares forced to the surface, you can be sure to find something to appeal amongst these bitesize tiny terrors.

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