Review: Glow Makers Cookies Kit

We finally got our oven sorted, which means I can venture into the world of baking once more. I’m a big fan of powerball-type snacks, so when I saw ‘Glow Makers Cookies’ mix from the Superfood Bakery, I grabbed a pack. My baking is usually gingerbread and sponge cakes rather than cookies but with the instructions on the pack, I figured I couldn’t go far wrong.

The Glow Makers Cookies packaging states ‘baking mix with cranberries, chia seeds and pumpkins seeds’ as well as the mix being gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, soy free, containing no refined sugar and being suitable for vegans. For 10 minutes preparation and 17 minutes baking, I should get 18 cookies. Other ingredients listed include organic oats, buckwheat, coconut and brown rice flours, raw cacao powder, cinnamon and vanilla powder.

I followed the instructions, using an egg and honey rather than their other suggestions (a ripe, mashed banana as egg replacer, for example) and ended up with a very wet mix. Whilst I didn’t know how wet it was supposed to be, there was no way this was going to do anything on the baking tray other than run into a mega-blob. So I grabbed some coconut flour from the cupboard and mixed that in until I felt the consistency was better. Now, I had an issue… ‘line the baking sheet’ said the instructions, but with no concept of the size of 18 cookies, I prepared two. Good choice. Next issue… ‘form cookies into the desired shape.’ The mix was still quite wet so wasn’t going to form nice, round cookies so I went for ‘rustic,’ getting my hands in and making cookie dough mountains on the baking sheets. It wasn’t finessed but I had 11 reasonably even blobs by the time I finished.

The oven had heated up (yay for my new fan oven!) and I popped in the trays for 17 minutes as per the instructions. When the timer went off, I had a poke and they still seemed a little under-cooked, so back in the oven for 5 minutes at a lower temperature.

The proof is in the pudding as the adage says, so, once they cooled down, I tried one. The cranberry is quite sharp and cuts through the rest of the flavours which I think works well. I’d used rapeseed oil as there was no vegetable oil to hand and I think this may have added a little edge of flavour that I’m not so keen on. However, with a cup of tea, they’re a good afternoon ‘pick me up.’

Superfood Bakery mixes normally retail at £4.99, which I feel is a little on the high side — whilst the ingredients are great and buying a mix removes the need to buy all the ingredients separately and find storage space, the price does penalise people who are gluten-free or want to buy healthier foods from smaller, independent producers and retailers. I picked my mix up in a post-Christmas sale at half-price.

Would I buy Glow Makers Cookies mix again? Yes, I would and be a little less inclined to follow the instructions with the liquid quantities and think they’d be nicer with banana and an oil that has less aftertaste. And I will keep an eye out for other products in the range. The Joy Makers Brownies and Bliss Balls both look and sound great. However, I will look out for sales or discounts as £4.99 is just too much in my mind for what you get.

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