Multiple pieces published in ‘Japanese Fantasy Drabbles’

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I have two drabbles published in this fantastic drabble collection. Kelly Matsuura is great to work with, as both a writer and publisher and I’m thrilled she likes my work. My research for this anthology led me down a rabbithole of Yōkai and I found a love of Japanese folk tales.

When the Takahama villagers investigated, they found an amabiko who revealed they’d have bountiful harvest each year if they displayed pictures of his likeness, suffering misfortune if not.

The Prophecy

The engineer screamed and ducked; the ship was in trouble and he needed to repair the jump drive, not play hide and seek with malicious yōkai.

Engine Troubles

Book Details

Japanese Fantasy Drabbles CoverStories: 'The Prophecy' and 'Engine Troubles'
Publication Title: Japanese Fantasy Drabbles
Series: Insignia Drabbles #1
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: BWWP
Publication Date: 16th April 2020

This anthology includes 80 drabbles (100-word stories) inspired by Japanese folklore and yokai tales, as well as original fantasy and science fiction pieces.

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