Left in the Dark, published by Ghost Orchid Press

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I seem to write themed pieces, even if they’re for completely different publications. For example, I currently have a short story under submission that’s space-based and talks about the stars going out. This piece has similar ideas but done in a totally different way.

It closed in on our galaxy, hot, bright and full of growth potential.

Book Details

Cosmos Anthology CoverStory: 'Left in the Dark''
Publication Title: Cosmos
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Black Orchid Press
Publication Date: 26th May 2021

An alien prowls the corridors of a claustrophobic spaceship. An astronaut floats untethered in the frozen emptiness of deep space. These stories and poems of exactly 100 words explore the terrors beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. From mind-bending existential fears to classic science-fiction horror, you’ll be sure to find something to delight and terrify amongst these tiny tales.

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