Multiple Drabbles, published by Eerie River Publishing

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I love Eerie River Publishing. They’ve got a great ethos and built up a community of authors that I’m proud to be part of. Michelle accepted two of my drabbles, ‘Celebration’ and ‘Hell Broth’ for Dark Magic.

Sparks of flame shot into the night sky and firebugs swarmed. The portal to Earth shimmered and finally vanished, forever.


The latter, Hell Broth was a Shakespearean take which I very much enjoyed putting together. I’ve started writing non-gendered characters in even my shorter pieces, unless needed for narrative purposes and I don’t think anyone has particularly noticed — something I like because it helps normalise the idea that gender isn’t central.

Making a hell-broth was beginner stuff, why they had to successfully repeat it so many times to enter the academy was beyond their comprehension.

Hell Broth

Book Details

Dark Magic Drabbles CoverStories: 'Celebration' and 'Hellbroth'
Publication Title: Dark Magic: Dark Fantasy Drabbles of Magic and Lore
Author: Multiple authors
Publisher: Eerie river Publishing
Publication Date: 1st May 2021

There is darkness in magic and we have given life to that darkness.

Dark Magic is a collection of over two hundred bite-size drabbles of dark fantasy and horror.

Enter a world of curses and creatures, the hideous and the hexed, where love is cruel and victory is tainted. Where gods and demons hold sway over mortals, senses are enticed and spirits ensnared. Angels fall, dragons rise, shadows hide secrets and power comes from blood and bone and death itself.

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