Red, published by Fox Hollow

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Fox Hollow is a fascinating concept, dreamed up by Richard Kodai. All the stories have to based in the titular place, with strange things going on. It does mean there are discrepancies — sometimes it’s a bigger town, sometimes a smaller village — but there are also links to be shared and geographical markers.

I’m also part of an author collaboration to write a novel about Fox Hollow. It was a great project to be part of and it’s now in the editing phase to ensure everything is consistent between chapters before publication.

My contribution to the anthology, Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow – Volume 2, is a story called ‘Red’. It’s a domestic scene at tea-time and the little girl Jeannie, who shows neuro-atypical traits, turns out to have a secret superpower:

Jeannie giggled, demanding another round of fist-bumps. Dinner forgotten, Max sat next to his sister, giving her progressively harder sums. She got them all right.

Book Details

Nothing Ever Happens In Fox Hollow Volume 2Story: 'Red''
Publication Title: Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow - Volume 2
Series: Fox Hollow
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Fox Hollow
Publication Date: 26th April 2021

Welcome to Fox Hollow, the sleepy American town where nothing ever happens. No matter summer heat, rain or snow, it is the perfect place to raise a family away from the noise of the city. We have everything we need here, but most of all we have peace, mutual respect, and a tight-knit community. What’s that? You saw a man standing on the street corner, and all of a sudden he disappeared? Must have been just a strange dream, my dear, that’s all. Oh, it’s so great of you to visit, we are happy to have you. Breakfast is at 8.

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