Release, published in Guilty Pleasures

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My Cthulhu-inspired, erotica drabble, ‘Release’ was published by Things in the Well. The whole anthology is full of great writing.

The Earth shook and I screamed. Behind fluttering eyelids, galaxies collided, stars went supernova. And everything came to a juddering halt.

Book Details

Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark DelightsStory: 'Release''
Publication Title: Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Things in the Well
Publication Date: 13th October 2019

An international anthology of dark erotic drabbles (100 words) and double drabbles (200 words). Includes the novella 'Dolls' by the UK's Ramsey Campbell and other 'extras' including a couple of longer stories and some inter-related drabbles, plus some dark erotic illustrations! Definitely adult themed, not suitable for children! With illustrations and other extras including the discussion “On Ramsey Campbell’s ‘Scared Stiff’ by S.T. Joshi”, a discussion "On Sex and Horror". Edited by Steve Dillon, ex-President of the Australian Horror Writers Association and series editor of the Things in the Well series of anthologies, and stories from award-winning and emerging writers!

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