Time Trap, published in Blink Ink #40

My 51-word piece, Time Trap, was published by Blink Ink in their 40th issue, Road Trip. Blink Ink is a print zine of ~ 50-word fiction and I’m honoured to have been part of an issue with so many quality submissions.

An old man, hands shaking and gnarled, grinned a nicotine smile.

Book Details

My story Time Trap was published in 'Road Trip'Story: 'Time Trap''
Publication Title: Road Trip
Series: Blink Ink #40
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Blink Ink
Publication Date: 1st June 2020

Those same old four walls getting you down? Nothing going on, and not likely to? A road trip is the only cure. Time to get out of Dodge!

So where to go, or does it matter? The time to pack up and go is now.

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