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If you’re not into warm and fuzzy beach reads, What Remains is a great book for you this Summer! Check out this amazing anthology by several talented authors. Guaranteed to bring a chill to your hot days!

Book Details

Cover of What Remains, an Inked in Gray AnthologyPublication Title: What Remains
Author: David-Christopher Harris, Sharon Frame Gay, Timothy Johnson, LT Ward, Ben Armstrong, Valerie Hunter, Thomas Canfield, R.A. Busby, Andy Dibble, Maxwell I Gold, DL Shirey, Nicholas Barner, Lawrence West, Damir Salkovic, Dan Eveloff
Publisher: Inked in Gray
Publication Date: 26th July, 2021

Victory at all costs. Even at the price of our own life, the desire to survive transcends all rational thought.

What Remains brings together fifteen tales of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. From sacrificing loved ones or oneself, to doing what it takes to keep them alive, these stories shake the soul, rip out its insecurities and flay them on the page.

Careful who you trust. Some quandaries have no right answer when we cannot save what we love most—or when isolation, desperation, and betrayal leave you no choice.

Take the journey with us to see What Remains when civility, decency, and sanity have all but fled.

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Excerpt from The Algorithm by Dan Eveloff

Francis Newman received his copy of the hotly anticipated Cyber Love in the mail, a month before its scheduled release—a perk of being part of the Rowe Publishing House Family, as they liked to call it. Rowe had published his last twelve novels, though he’d found his early commercial success harder to replicate over the past decade or so. That was about the time self-publishing and electronic publications began eliminating seemingly every barrier of entry to the profession once reserved to those who weathered the “starving artist” phase before finally striking it big.

The author of Cyber Love endured no such struggle. There were no prior resume-building publications, no years of querying agents and publishers; hell, the author hadn’t even needed to edit the story beyond the first draft. Nevertheless, Cyber Love was the most anticipated book release of the century, maybe ever. That’s because the author was not human.

It was an algorithm.

Designed by a team of computer engineers and literary consultants, the algorithm’s inputs comprised every conceivable literary device: diction, theme, plot, tone, metaphor, satire, foreshadowing, mood, symbolism, characterization, action, dialogue, pacing, etcetera from history’s greatest authors, traditional and modern alike, spanning the past three centuries: Dickens, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Twain, Hemingway, Lovecraft, Dickinson, Steinbeck, Vonnegut, King, Rowling, Patterson. Their works, among hundreds of others, were part of the formula designed to create the perfect novel, one that appealed to every kind of reader. Even Doctor Seuss was used!

A perfect blend of artistic and commercial devices, Cyber Love had been praised as “the greatest literary achievement in the history of the written word.” And barring a revocation of the First Amendment, it represented the greatest risk to human authorship since Nazi censorship threatened the free world.

Francis read all 386 pages in one day. By God, it was tremendous. No, it was perfect. The story was as captivating as the ending was satisfying. The characters were so layered, complex, real. The prose was poetic, yet not pretentiously so. He’d never read anything like it. It could never hit the shelves.

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