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  • auto–self; own; spontaneous.
  • erratic–random; prone to unexpected changes; deviating from the common course in opinion or conduct.
  • erraticism–wandering; no fixed or regular course.

Reading and Writing

From an early age I had my nose in a book and have never lost that passion. I loved fantasy and in my late teens, got into SFF by reading the likes of Jeff Noon and William Gibson.

Genre-wise, I tend to stay within speculative fiction – YA and adult – but also read poetry, short story collections of all kinds and LGBTQAI+ work (fiction and non-fiction). I’m not keen on novel-length horror or dystopian work but love it in shorter form. More recently I’ve found a love of folk tales, fables and myths retold.

I’m a short story fiction writer, having been published by multiple indie publishers for science fiction, fantasy, horror and literary pieces, and have edited several anthologies (under a pen name) as well as beta read for several authors. I love discussing books and writing and so attend SFF and literary events, such as Edge-Lit (Derby, UK), Eastercon (UK) and Worldcon, where I get to talk to authors and connect with other readers and reviewers.

Other Things About Me

  • I am a devourer: I love books, theatre, new places, new friends, new information and new ideas.
  • I am a creator: I’m a writer, a crocheter and a quilter.
  • I’m a gourmand: give me good food, great wine, excellent ale.
  • I’m a geek who codes and a word nerd who loves clever puns. I get excited by other people’s passions. I’m ‘people first’ every. damn. time.
  • I think laterally, love hard and am loyal to the last.

About Me

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Emma K. Leadley

Speculative fiction writer, word herder, voracious reader and creative geek. Loves a good pun. They/she.

Telling the Bees

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“An enthralling and unnerving tale from a writer to watch.” – Gareth L. Powell

“A pacy and exciting tale of memory, love and what you’d do to protect what it means to be human. Recommended.” – Stewart Hotston

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