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Okay, so cookies should be delicious but these ones are a bit dry and crispy. There may even be a bit of sofa fluff stuck on, if you’re really unlucky.

This is a website. It uses cookies for functionality, to remember settings during and between your visits and help me make the site better:

  1. Cookie banner: if you click okay, it leaves a cookie so you don’t see the message again unless you delete your browser cookies. Clever, huh?
  2. Google analytics (anonymised IP): I don’t know who you are, only that I like that you’re visiting. I get information such as what pages you’ve visited and the order you clicked on things. It helps me make the site better as well as give me an ego boost. You can opt out via ‘do not track‘.
  3. Accessibility: this uses cookies to know whether you want high contrast or large font, for example.

If you want to turn cookies off or delete them, use your favourite search engine and you’ll find the right instructions for your browser. It may stop websites from working as you expect or mean you have to type in your information again.

This policy was last updated on 11th July 2023 and should be read in conjunction with the website terms of use and privacy policy.

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Emma K. Leadley

Speculative fiction writer, word herder, voracious reader and creative geek. Loves a good pun. They/she.

Telling the Bees

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“An enthralling and unnerving tale from a writer to watch.” – Gareth L. Powell

“A pacy and exciting tale of memory, love and what you’d do to protect what it means to be human. Recommended.” – Stewart Hotston

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