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  • ‘Post-Truth’, published 14th March 2019 by 101Words
  • Caller Unknown‘, published 2nd June 2019
  • ‘Stella’, published 3rd December 2019 by Spillwords Press
  • ‘Cultivation’, published 14th December 2019 by 365 Tomorrows
  • ‘A Special Kind of Hell’, published 1st January 2020 by Fudoki Magazine
  • ‘Firs’, published 7th February 2020 by The Horror Tree’s Unholy Trinity
  • ‘Fearless’, published 23rd May 2020 by The Drabble
  • ‘Road Trip’, published June 2020 by Blink Ink #140 ‘Time Trap’
  • ‘Across the Limen’, published 7th July 2020 by Fudoki Magazine
  • ‘Gleam’ (reprint), published 27th July 2021, by Flash in a Flash #188
  • ‘Takeover’ and ‘Bitter Competition’, published April 2022, Reclamation Science Fiction Convention Booklet

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Emma K. Leadley

Speculative fiction writer, word herder, voracious reader and creative geek. Loves a good pun. They/she.

Telling the Bees

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“An enthralling and unnerving tale from a writer to watch.” – Gareth L. Powell

“A pacy and exciting tale of memory, love and what you’d do to protect what it means to be human. Recommended.” – Stewart Hotston

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