Lost Lore and Legends

Published March 19th, 2021
Lost Lore and Legends Cover ImageTitle: Lost Lore and Legends
Published by: Breaking Rules Publishing Europe
Release Date: 19th March 2021
Contributors: Multiple Authors
Genre: Dark Fantasy
ISBN13: 9789198671094

My Story Title(s): 'The Last Splash' and 'The Last Splash (Reprise)'


Europe; the continent of fallen empires, vengeful Gods, lovers, myths, and legends. From the leshys of The White Forest in the east to the Fae and Wildlings of the west, Europe is home to a rich tapestry of folklore and, within these pages, we shall share those stories with you. Featuring a plethora of experienced and first-time indie writers, Lost Lores and Legends takes you on a journey of the fantastical, the romantic, the dark, and the desperate through three-hundred-and-fifteen tales of exactly one-hundred words. As you read, remember this: the legends are true... don't dare to forget.

With stories from:

Olivia Arieti, Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad, Gabriella Balcom, Chris Bannor, Evan Baughfman, T.L. Beeding, Joshua E. Borgmann, Maggie D Brace, Mark Budman, Keith R. Burdon, Adam Carpenter, Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump, A.S. Charly, Holley Cornetto, Simon Clarke, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Meera Dandekar, Radar DeBoard, Deborah Dubas Groom, T.R. Earnheart, K.B. Elijah, L.T. Emery, Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway, DJ Elton, Ximena Escobar, Daniel Fisher, Declan Fletcher, Nick Gerrard, R.A. Goli, S.O. Green, Jennifer Hatfield, Zachary Hennis, Chris Hewitt, Brandi Hicks, Liam Hogan, Joel R Hunt, Nerisha Kemraj, Andrew Kurtz, Charlotte Langtree, Scarlett Lake, Emma K. Leadley, Colin Leonard, Gordon Linzner, Kati Lokadottir, John C. Mannone, Madeleine McDonald, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Melody E. McIntyre, Umair Mirxa, S.C. Morgan, Victor Nandi, B.A. Nielsen, R.S. Nevil, Dale Parnell, Moe Phillips, Callum Pearce, Alannah K. Pearson, Destiny Eve Pifer, Simon J. Plant, Kim Plasket, Kimberly Rei, McKenzie Richardson, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Philip Rogers, Mary Rajotte, Connor Sassmannshausen, Dorian J. Sinnott, Donavon 'Monster' Smith, V.H. Stone, Joshua D. Taylor, Luis Manuel Torres, Nicki Vardon, Bernardo Villela, Thomas K.S. Wake, Jacek Wilkos, G. Allen Wilbanks, Anne Wilson, Patrick Winters, Jasiah Witkofsky, Brianna Witte, Emilian Wojnowski, Rainie Zenith

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