Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow

Published April 26th, 2021
Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow Volume 2 cover imageTitle: Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow - Volume 2
Published by: Fox Hollow
Release Date: 26th April 2021
Contributors: Multiple Authors
Genre: Dark Fantasy
ISBN13: 9798739918345

My Story Title(s): 'Red


Welcome to Fox Hollow, the sleepy American town where nothing ever happens. No matter summer heat, rain or snow, it is the perfect place to raise a family away from the noise of the city. We have everything we need here, but most of all we have peace, mutual respect, and a tight-knit community.

What’s that? You saw a man standing on the street corner, and all of a sudden he disappeared? Must have been just a strange dream, my dear, that’s all. Oh, it’s so great of you to visit, we are happy to have you. Breakfast is at 8.

The stories: Richard Kodai - Typical; Laszlo Tamasfi - Bloom; Elizabeth Davis - The House at the End of the Lane; Radar DeBoard - In the Leaves; Brian Duncan - Summer Break; Richard Kodai - The Midnight Fish; C. L. Burroughs - Watering the Piano; Andreas Hort - A Flower for Ma; T. M. Starnes - The Hole Behind the Armoire; Richard Kodai - Alone; Tonia Kalouria - LOCKED-UP, DOWN and OUT in Fox Hollow; Andrew Nance - A Play Day in Fox Hollow; Emma K. Leadley - Red; Sherry Fowler Chancellor - Cokehead; Richard Kodai - A Mother’s Joy; Jim Bates - The Best Tomatoes in Town; Chris McGrane - Sam and Me; Matthew Meyer - Mr. Garrison’s Happy Place; Richard Kodai - Daddy has a Shadow; Andrew Bundy - Old Foundation; Nick Dinicola - Next Time; Patrick McEvoy - Discarded; Lisa Flanyak - Pumpkin Eater; Richard Kodai - Open; Christina Lisk - Fox Hollow Secrets; Nadia Mikail - The Harnival Carnival; Michael Dussing - The Quiet Ones; Richard Kodai - The Body by the Road; Richard Grebow - Waiting; Quentin Norris - The Last Bed & Breakfast; S. H. Stumbles - Beginnings; Michael J. Moore - Outside the Dollar Store; Richard Kodai - Irgum Burgum; Elizabeth Anne Barbaza-Cousineau - The Family; Copper Rose - Watch; Dee Caples - Do you Know the Pot Pie Man?; Richard Kodai - Evil Carrots; S. E. Howard - The Bobbit; Travis B. Stimpson - Afternoon Tea; Jay Whales - The Haunted Mirror; Willow Croft - The Old House Dreams of Fox Hollow; Richard Kodai - Apple Pie Tuesday; Laszlo Tamasfi - Stranger; Emerald Wilkins - A Man of Science; Melissa Diaz - Buddy; Richard Kodai - The Elixir; Jessica Weir - The Shadow of the Umbrella; Dominick Cancilla - Grandma’s Leg; Janet K. Shawgo - The Tree; J. T. Seate - A River Runs Over it; Richard Kodai - So Quiet; Tonia Kalouria - Heavy Metal Band: Ironclad Contract; Jordan J. Hall - The Well; T. M. Brown - HOA; Richard Kodai - Not Welcome; Jeremy Zentner - Donating Bad Blood; Chisto Healy - Chores; Callum Pearce - Hanging Around; Richard Kodai - The Little Boy has to Go; John Crofts - The Ritual; Dee Caples - The Four-Legged Spy; Mark Towse - Safe Word; Richard Kodai - Fall Leaves

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Emma K. Leadley, short story author