Nothing to Lose, published by Grindstone Literary

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I entered Grindstone Literary’s microfiction competition and was one of the top twelve aka ‘The Dirty Dozen’ – participating was a risk for me but I was confident in my 144-word story and it paid off. I wrote ‘Nothing to Lose’ based on the letter Q in Scrabble. A strange place to start but my inner word nerd took over and I created a plot around expanding the protagonists’s turn to score big… And yes, I did check that a Scrabble board contains the right letters for my plot!

My phone buzzed: my turn to play. I had a Q on the rack. Most people disliked Q, but I liked it, from the words it made to the sharp sound in my mouth. QUIT. I could do better. QUITE.

Book Details

Nothing to Lose published by Grindstone LiteraryStory: 'Nothing to Lose''
Publication Title: Grindstone Literary Anthology 2019
Author: Multiple Prize Winners
Publisher: Grindstone Literary
Publication Date: July 2020

We're proud to present our 2019 Anthology, a collection of the best prose and poetry from the 2019 competition season. Our shortlisted authors' work is brought together in this beautiful anthology in order to give it the credence it deserves.

Over 35 authors and poets have contributed to this collection, their work sprawling across both genre and style, to create a unique anthology of expertly crafted writing that represents the future of the literary industry in the UK and beyond.

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