Where Your Heart Is, published by Ghost Orchid Press

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Ghost Orchid Press is another indie publishing company that’s recently started. I saw them on Twitter and really liked their ideas and what they were doing, so submitted a drabble to their inaugural anthology, Home. Another piece I submitted, to a different anthology of theirs was rejected, but to me that means they’re very clear on their vision from the start.

There’s a lock of your hair and small trinkets we shared, back when we were lovers.

Book Details

Home, 100 Word Anthology GraphicStory: 'Where Your Heart Is''
Publication Title: Home
Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: Ghost Orchid Press
Publication Date: 6th February 2021

One hundred stories and poems. One hundred words each. Contributed by a diverse group of authors from across the globe, these tiny terrors run the full gamut of horror, from body horror and blood-curdling fear to atmospheric, lyrical Gothic tales. You’ll find haunted houses, burrowing parasites and suburban nightmares aplenty to delight, amuse and shock—all in an easy bitesize format.

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